About me

Hello everyone I'm Alison! I'm from Hong Kong and currently based in Melbourne :D  I love drawing cute illustrations and making polymer clay accessories!

The idea behind A Little Idiot is to inject a little bit of cuteness and fun into your stressful daily life ❤

To be a little idiot for a moment and get away from the challenges we face everyday ·.·

透過簡單可愛, 色彩鮮艷的插圖, 為你的日常生活注入一點樂趣
希望我的創作, 像一個小呆子般帶給你歡笑; 希望你們暫時做一個小呆子, 擺脫每天面臨的難題

All products are illustrated and mostly handmade by myself! Even if you are not going to purchase anything, I would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving my art and visiting my shop :)

Custom orders (limited slots) are also available, so if you have a particular design in mind, feel free to leave a message to me and I will try my best to make that happen for you :D

Thank you for visiting again :)

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If you want to support me other than buying items from my shop, check out my Patreon or show me some love on my Ko-fi page! 

All the funds will be used for my art and my shop, to develop new ideas and products :D